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CampDeck - unique holidays at your fingertips

Sandy, sunny beaches, refreshingly cool swimming in lakes, lush, proud, dense and impenetrable forests... These are not someone else's dreams, these are places that we can find in our country! Yes, Poland is beautiful - although we may not always appreciate it, because popular tourist locations are usually crowded with taboos of other holidaymakers, which, unfortunately, may obscure the charms of nature and disrupt our leisure. Luckily, there are alternatives as well… And you are right now on a site offering some of them! We have created CampDeck, an online platform where owners can publish rental offers - if you were looking for a motorhome, caravan and yacht rental, or a seat or, for example, a house for rent or glamping, you will surely find the right one here. CampDeck was created as a result of a long-lasting and constantly nurtured passion for travel and unconventional relaxation. Are you looking for an idea for your next vacation? We will help you find offers that will help you make your dreams about the vacation of a lifetime come true.


Proven motorhome and caravan rental - find it through us

Life on the move - we secretly dream about it sometimes, don't we? This elusive freedom, unlimited possibilities… A little bit of it is closer than you think! Just browse our platform - rich in campervan rentals. Price? There are dozens of offers, so everyone will find something within their abilities. All that's left to do is gather family / friends, set a destination and hit the road!

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Caravans are an alternative that is always worth considering. On CampDeck, the rental platform, you will find a variety of models with a wide range of amenities. The comfort and equipment that can be found in such motorhomes definitely deserve the attention of everyone who wants to go on the road, but who value basic sanitary and culinary equipment.

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Admit that this way of traveling has something charming and incomparable with other forms of recreation. If you've always wanted to try a similar activity, but a motorhome or caravan seemed to be too expensive, the CampDeck platform will change your attitude. Find the nearest rentals or those that offer the best prices and enjoy your holiday on wheels!

Check what yacht rentals offer

Poland is a country with thousands of lakes - it is a pity to use only their shores. All those who would like to vent their nautical dreams are encouraged to use the services of one of the many yacht rental services available on our platform. Regardless of whether it will be your first cruise or you are already fluent in terms such as a slide or a fork, your adventure and satisfaction will be unforgettable! With a yacht rental company carefully selected on our website and tailored to your needs, you will open up to a completely new experience. The CampDeck platform offers you the opportunity to view dozens of offers, among which for sure you can find something worth launching.

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Or maybe a summer house or… glamping?

The only thing that is missing to complete the holiday experience is attractively located and well-equipped houses for rent. No problem! CampDeck is a platform full of such offers, among which you will certainly choose the optimal one in terms of location and amenities. Located in the most beautiful places of the country, accommodation, cottages and camps guarantee a wide range of activities for hiking enthusiasts or… blissful (well-deserved!) relaxation by the pool, sauna or garden. There will be something for families with children, groups of friends and people with pets.

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A summer house sounds too fancy? It's time to try glamping - de luxe camping. Starting from the location (tree tops! A forest hill with an unforgettable view!), through the form (visually unusual dome tent, teepee tent or a real tree house), to the equipment (many hotels could learn) and ending with glamping that will stay with us for a long time.

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A yacht, a campsite, a motorhome - you will find it all at CampDeck!

If you want to get out of the city - or more generally, from everyday life - and treat yourself to experiences that will become the object of memories for years, we understand you perfectly. Closeness to nature and the lack of embarrassment and sticking to top-down plans are paramount for us. All those looking for a motorhome rental company are offered a platform full of offers of this type. We are convinced that you will find something interesting here! It's easy! You choose the option that interests you - motorhome, caravan, boat, seat reservation, and then you specify the date range and the number of travelers. By clicking the "I'm starting the adventure!" Button, you get a list of offers that match your expectations. The next step is to narrow down your search criteria, including price or amenities. Remember, contact with nature is not a privilege - it is everyone's right!

Travel your way!!