About us

CampDeck was created by caravanning enthusiasts, as well as nature lovers, for people who enjoy travelling as much as we are. We love this way of spending a free time and probably you'll like it too. Not sure about it? Try and have a great adventure!

We believe that CampDeck allows everyone to try this kind of lifestyle. Also, it encourages vehicles and spots owners to share with the others, as a source of income.

Additionally, if you get into caravanning or sailing and buy your own vehicle, you can become an owner on CampDeck and earn some money for your further trips! 

Our Vision and Mission

At CampDeck, we believe that everyone has the right to celebrate freedom, in the bosom of nature, with relatives and loved ones.

Although you may rent vehicles or spots on CampDeck, it’s not only about renting, but also lifestyle.

We believe, that due to renting vehicles or spots, owners can earn money and share their passion for a lifestyle focused on nature, camping sites and marinas, at the same time. 

We believe, that caravanning or sailing become widely available thanks to CampDeck  - that it will be more affordable for people who couldn’t afford to buy a caravan, motorhome or boat yet. 

We want to show you some new ways of travelling, but also new sources of financing for your adventures. If you like CampDeck, you may decide to buy a vehicle and earn money on renting it while not travelling.

Join the #CampDeck community!

We love travelling as much as you do. We will be happy to see which places you visited, what is your way to relax and what do you like the most about caravanning. Maybe you discovered some new style and tricks and you would like to share it with other travel enthusiasts?

Be sure to post it on your social media, using the hashtag #CampDeck! There are already many of our photos on Instagram - we invite you to build a travelling community together.