FAQ - frequently asked questions

  1.  Is adding offers free of charge for the Owner? 

Adding an offer by the Owner is always free. You can do it yourself or ask us for help.

  1. Do Travelers who rent a vehicle or spot on CampDeck pay any additional fees?

Travelers do not pay any commission for booking. They rent everything at the same price which is on the offer. However, the Traveler and the Owner may agree on some costs for other services, which are not included in the rental price, e.g. renting additional equipment, a captain on the yacht, or a cleaning fee.

  1. How can I book an offer?

If interested in some offer, users send an inquiry via an offer page. Owner receives the inquiry by email. After login to CampDeck, Owner replies to inquiry, confirms availability of a motorhome and makes a booking or proposes a different date. Details of bookings (eg. cancellation policy) will be agreed with the Owner every time, for each booking. 

  1. Is the offer availability calendar updated?

Owners are encouraged to update their calendar regularly. We are planning automatic synchronization with the Owner's calendar.

  1. How payments on CampDeck work?

At the moment CampDeck does not intervene in payments between Traveller and Owner. We plan to implement a quick payment system soon. 

  1. Between who is the lease agreement written? 

The lease agreement is written between the Owner and the Traveler and CampDeck does not intervene in it. 

  1. How is deposit transferred? Who keeps it, Owner or CampDeck?

CampDeck does not charge or keep the deposit related to the reservation. It is kept by the owner of the vehicle or spot. The method of payment and return should be agreed between the Traveler and the Owner.

  1. How many offers can one Owner add?

We have no restrictions on the number of ads. It is only important that one rental object has one offer page and there are no situations where the same vehicle appeared in several offers.

  1. Where can I find contact directly to the owner of the offer?

Owners contact details are not located on the website. For security reasons, all communication between users should be via messages in CampDeck.