The safety and comfortable course of your adventures is our priority.


At CampDeck, we verify e-mail addresses, Facebook accounts and mobile phone numbers of the owners. We also verify bank accounts. We will gradually introduce new verification mechanisms for Owners and Travelers - so that your adventures are completely hassle-free.


Remember, however, that at the moment the vehicle booking process gives you the same level of security as booking through a social media group, classifieds website or simply the rental company's website.


We have some tips for you on how to book offers on CampDeck:

  • Consider carefully if the price of a given Offer is significantly lower than similar Offers;

  • Contact our service department if you have any doubts about the Offer.

  • Do not be afraid to ask us questions in connection with the Offer - if everything is fine, the other party should have no problem providing all the necessary information, and we will promptly provide you with all the answers from the Owner.


Advances / Deposits


When booking vehicles or places, deposits and advances are the market standard - so they should not raise your concerns by themselves. You always make the advance payments on CampDeck, using quick payments. However, it is worth being extra careful, because you transfer the rest of the amount and any deposit to the Owner outside CampDeck, by default on the day the booking begins. We suggest paying the deposit only when you pick up the motorhome, yacht or spot reservation. CampDeck always only charges your first deposit. We do not keep the deposit and we never ask for it.


We care about the security of your payments on the site. The advance payment first goes to us, and we transfer it to the Owner's verified bank account. The payment provider at CampDeck is BlueMedia.


We care about your safety - for this purpose, we verify the phone numbers and e-mails of the owners. We are constantly working to increase your comfort of using CampDeck, so that you can focus on what is most important - your trip.