Security and comfort during your adventures is our priority.

At CampDeck, we verify users email addresses, Facebook accounts and mobile numbers. We plan to introduce a new verification system for owners and travelers, to keep your adventures completely problem-free. Verification of ID and bank accounts will be necessary soon.


Remember, that recent booking process on CampDeck gives you the same level of security, as booking on a social media group, classified ads website or the rental website.

Here we have some tips for you about posting and booking offers on CampDeck:

  • Conduct all correspondence through CampDeck;

  • Consider carefully if the price of an offer is not significantly lower than similar offers;

  • If the owner is a company, check it in publicly available registers (such as CEIDG, KRS in Poland) and take a look for opinions about it on the Internet;

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions about the offer - if everything is fine, the owner shouldn’t have any problem providing you with all the necessary information.


Advance payment / deposit

When booking vehicles or spots, deposit payments and advances are the market standard - it should concern you. However, it is usually worth to be extra cautious. The payment of the deposit or advance payment should be preceded by checking if a rental really exists. You can do it simply by verifying its profile on Facebook or Google reviews.


If the owner is a company - send money only to whitelisted accounts assigned to that business. If it is in Poland, you can check it here:

We care about your safety, by verifying the phone numbers and emails of the owners. We are constantly working to increase your comfort of using CampDeck, so you can focus on the most important - your journeys.