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Make money as an Owner on CampDeck

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On average:

PLN 2,100

per week

What are the benefits of becoming an Owner on CampDeck?

It doesn't matter if you have one camping site or the whole resort.

CampDeck will help you rent your plot and find the right travellers with ease. You're the one deciding about the rules and dates – you have full control over your offer.

Placing an offer on CampDeck is completely free of charge.

How much can you make with CampDeck?

With CampDeck's help, as the Owner, on average you can earn up to PLN 300 per day for renting your plot for caravans and RVs.

This way, you can pay off your loan instalment in... one week!

By renting your plot for just one month per year, you will be able to afford a one-month holiday in Croatia, right next to the beach.

What is the price of placing an offer on CampDeck?

Placing an offer on CampDeck is completely free of charge. We do not charge the Owners.

Not only that – since we care about the highest quality of the offers available on the website, we will be happy to help you prepare the offer and will promote it.

Don't waste time, get on board!

Making money with CampDeck step by step

1. Place an offer. For free.

Make sure that your offer includes photos and all the necessary information, such as the location, maximum number of travellers and, of course, the price.

2. Receive and confirm bookings.

Stay in touch with the people interested in your offer. Set out the details of the booking and vehicle handover.

Confirm the bookings and CampDeck will automatically inform other travellers that your plot is not available at a given date.

3. Start making money.

The travellers pay the booking fees directly to you. The price for your plot is up to you.

Making money with CampDeck is easy. Get on board today!

About CampDeck

In CampDeck, we believe that everyone has the right to celebrate their freedom surrounded by nature, accompanied by their loved ones.

Although you can use our website to rent vehicles or spots, CampDeck is not just about renting, it's also about lifestyle.

We believe that, by renting vehicles or spots, their owners can not only earn money, but also share their passion for a lifestyle built around nature, camp-sites, marinas or clear skies.

We believe that, thanks to CampDeck, caravanning, sailing or flying will become widely available, that it will become possible for people who couldn't afford a trailer, RV or boat – until now.

Not only do we want to create travelling opportunities for you, but also create new sources of financing for your adventures. Because, if you like CampDeck, you might decide to buy another vehicle and make money on its rental.

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