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PILOTE MOOVEO semi-integrated 2019
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Motorhome Rodzaj Semi‐integrated
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3500 kg
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Motorhome About this listing

Technical data

- Basic model: Citroen Jumper,

- Engine: 2.0 HDI 130 HP,

- gearbox: manual, 6-speed,

- Safety systems: ABS and traction control,


- 2xairbag,

- air conditioning,

- cruise control,

- Elektr. opened windows in the driver's cabin,

- Electric mirrors,

- LED daytime running lights,

- Fog lights,

- Rotated seats in Szoferna,

- Central lock,

- WEWN and expression LED lighting,

- HEKI III roof windows,

- Rolutes in Szoferna,

- a door with a window and mosquito net,

- External awnings,

- solar panel, wide angle reversing camera,

- bicycle trunk for 4 bicycles,

- Isolated storage on 2 gas cylinders. 11kg.

Additional equipment

- on the customer's request - bedding for 1-4 people,

- additional cleaning products,

- Tourist table + 4 chairs,

- Electric extension kit. and adapters necessary for camping in the EU. West,

- snow chains (in winter),

- the possibility of leaving the car for the car rental time,

- We provide training before renting and help during your vacation in Kamhore.

Equipped with everything you need during the trip. Take only your personal belongings. We will deal with the rest :) We will also be happy to help and tell where to go. We have thousands of ideas!

If it's possible, we'll substitute you the car before leaving, in the early evening to give you comfort of peaceful packing for a trip :)

We will pick you up from the airport or railway station. We can also substitute your car under a house or you can leave your car in a guarded car park.

The prices given for the season 2021!

A service fee of PLN 150.00 is required

boat-amenities-icon Amenities
Hot water
Gas detector (LPG)
Fire extinguisher
Power plugs 230V
Air condition
Garden furniture
Gas heating
Solar panel
Bed linen
Electrical wires to connect
Bike holder
Power steering system
Mosquito net
Cruise control

important-info-icon Important informations
Pick-up time: Flexible
Return time: Flexible
Separate bedrooms: 2
Parties allowed: Yes
Children under 13: Yes
Pets: Yes

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  • Jeya

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